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Amy Zhang: Amy appreciates Mark for letting her put her bio first. Amy is switching to first person now. Hi, guys! I'm a fifteen-year old writer who doesn't have her permit and won't be taking her driver's test anytime soon, because I chose writing a novel over Driver's Ed (also, our driving instructor scares me a bit). I'm represented by Emily Keyes of the L. Perkins Agency. My YA fantasy novel, WILDFLOWER, is about a girl who keeps her heart locked away, a boy who believes that love is a weakness, and a war that a few hundred children fight every year to keep the rest of their world at peace, and will be going out on submission soon. When I'm not writing, I'm either playing tennis, playing piano, playing violin, procrastinating, or naming inanimate objects. I also maintain a personal blog at www.astoryofadreamer.blogspot.com, and I can be found on Twitter at @encoreunreveur.

Mark O'Brien: Mark is the co-creator of the blog. He dislikes talking about himself in the third person.
I'm also a fifteen-year-old writer, though I'm unagented. I write most YA genres, excluding epic fantasy and that elusive YA erotica. I'm currently querying a YA contemporary called BROTHERS, which is THIRTEEN REASONS WHY meets THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST. Writing is my hobby and my passion, so when I'm not cranking out words, I'm generally eating, sleeping, pretending to have a social life, watching Jeopardy!, listening to Bands You've Never Heard Of, or researching obscure psychology facts. I blog at markobrienwrites.blogspot.com and stalk people @mobrienbooks.

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